are committed to data security and protect your personal identifiable information in accordance with all applicable laws.

  1. At the quote stage we ask only the questions needed to calculate the cost of your insurance.
  2. At the purchase stage we ask only the minimal relevant information required to issue insurance cover.
  3. We make use of your personal data only when we need to:
    1. calculate the premium
    2. issue policies
    3. deal with the purchase or renewal of policies
    4. deal with any claims
  4. We do not use cookies on the site to store any personal information about you. However, we do use cookies to monitor website traffic from specific sales channels.
  5. As a security measure, we download the information from the site and load it into our internal database. Your personal information on that database is used only in connection with the administration of your policy or, in the event of a claim, when your schedule of insurance is passed to our Claims Handling Team.
  6. Your credit card details are processed by an independent clearing house.
  7. does not have any access to personal credit card details.
  8. Your credit card details are transferred on a secure server.

This privacy policy may be amended from time to time and you can access up to date details at any time on this web site.

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