What is a cookie

A cookie is a small piece of data that may be stored on your computer or mobile device. It allows a website to “remember” your actions or preferences over a length of time. Further information on cookies can be found at

How are they used on this site

This site uses two different types of cookie:

  1. Session Cookies
  2. Persistent Cookies

Session Cookies are temporary cookies that are not stored on your computer or mobile device. They are used as part of the quotation process. These session cookies are erased when you close your browser, or after a period of inactivity. Persistent cookies are stored to your computer or mobile device by your browser for a pre-determined length of time. This site places cookies that are specific to and also to a limited number of third parties as listed below.

Cookies used on

Cookie Type Description
Getcover In addition to session cookies, Getcover uses a small number of its own persistent tracking cookies to improve your experience on our site. Currently, just one such cookie is in use: to track your acceptance of our cookie policy. Previously, another cookie in this class would have recorded your preference for our desktop or mobile site.
Google Analytics This is a web analytics service provided by Google that Getcover employs to better understand how visitors use our site. The pages visited and type of device used are recorded amongst other site usage data. This information is recorded and tracked anonymously - at no time is your personal information available to or retrieved by Google.
Doubleclick When you navigate to our site from one of our advertisements on aother site, Doubleclick cookies are used on certain pages on to give us feedback on how you use the site. Again, none of your personal information is available to or retrieved by Doubleclick.

Managing Cookies

Within your browser you can choose whether you wish to accept cookies or not. Different browsers make different controls available to you to do this. Generally, your browser will offer you the choice to accept, refuse or delete cookies at all times, or those from providers that website owners use ("third party cookies"), or those from specific websites.

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