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Private Healthcare

Getcover offers Aviva; VHI; and Laya policyholders a substantial discount where the healthcare policy includes in-patient medical cover abroad of €55,000 or more.

The discount is provided on the principle that there is no point in paying for the same cover twice.

If you avail of the discount, your Getcover policy provides cover as normal except for the portion already provided by your health insurance policy. Your Getcover medical insurance cover wraps around this cover and comes into effect when you have reached the in-hospital medical expenses limit on your private health insurance plan.

Healthcare policies which provide in-hospital medical cover abroad:

VHI: Plans A to E & Options/Excess; First Plan; First Plan Plus; Family Plan; Family Plan Plus; Forward Plan; Company Plan; Company Plan Plus.

Laya: Essential Plans; Health Manager; Health Manager Silver or Gold; Family care; Personal Care; Company Care; and Company Care Premium.

Aviva: "I" and “We” Plans levels 1 to 5; "Me" Plan Level 1 and 2; Level 1 and Level 2 Hospital & everyday.

Please note that the Private Health Care Policy must cover all of the insured persons proposed and must remain in force for the duration of your Travel Insurance policy period.

Travel Insurance from Getcover

We lead where others follow - Getcover was established in 1999 and is fully Irish owned. Getcover was the first on-line travel insurance provider in Ireland. Getcover single-handedly brought down the previous high cost of travel insurance in Ireland in the late 1990s / early 2000s.

As Ireland’s first online travel provider we are committed to providing travel insurance that is cheap, comprehensive and convenient. With over 13 year's experience you can trust us when we say that we know what we are saying when it comes to Irish Travel Insurance.

Great Savings – we know how important it is to save money in these difficult economic times. We have the insurance policy to suit you and your family’s budget. At Getcover we have a wide range of flexible travel insurance products, including three different Policies, Budget, Standard and Premium.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance – with all our Policies you are provided with access to our Emergency Assistance Helpline. So you can feel relaxed and confident in the knowledge that there will be a multi-lingual person at the end of a phone line if things go wrong whilst you or your loved ones are traveling abroad.

What type of travel insurance should I buy? At Getcover we have a wide range of flexible travel insurance products for everyone’s needs. Many people question should they choose

  • Single Trip Policy
  • Annual (MultiTrip) Policy
  • Backpacker Policy
  • Adventure Activities Policy
  • Group Policy

Single Trip Policy

Single Trip Policy is designed by Getcover for short break holidays/ week-ends away etc. This Policy cover is very keenly priced and is used by persons who do not expect to be travelling that often in a calendar year. Getcover provide three policy choices Budget, Standard and Premium.

Annual (MultiTrip) Policy

Annual (MultiTrip) Policy is designed by Getcover for persons expecting to travel more than once in a calendar year. It provides for unlimited travel (subject to certain policy duration limitations etc.). Getcover provide three policy choices Budget, Standard and Premium.

Backpacker Policy

Backpacker Policy is designed by Getcover for persons taking a time-out long stay trip abroad. Our backpacker Policy is competitively priced and provides for trips up of to twelve months in length. We also provide options to extend your travel insurance beyond a twelve-month duration if required. Our backpacker policy cover individuals up to 44 years of age and include features such as;

  • Exam Repeat Cover
  • Personal Possessions cover options
  • Wide range of Adventure Activities for no additional charge.
  • Optional additional Adventure Activities at a charge
  • Wintersports Activities at a charge

Adventure Activities

You do not actually buy a Policy called Adventure Activities. Rather you opt for either a Single Trip Policy, an Annual Policy or a Backpacker Policy and then choose the additional Adventure Activities that you need – note many Adventure Activities are covered automatically at no added price.

Wintersports (Ski or Snowboard)

Just like we advise when choosing Adenture Activities cover you should opt for either a Single Trip Policy, an Annual Policy or a Backpacker Policy and then choose the additional Wintersports cover that you need to include or exclude off-piste etc. Note we do arrange specialized FIS Ski Racing/ Training Policies (call our Offices for details).

Group Policy

We give discounts for Groups, whether you are a Group of Friends traveling or a Group of Charity Fundraisers. Getcover will assist you with one policy covering all your group (subject to acceptance criteria, terms, conditions etc.).

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