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Home Insurance: Buying a safe

Many home insurance policy holders include high-value items on their home insurance policy – such as jewellery items, including wedding and engagement rings and watches. These valuables are often extremely difficult to replace and are deemed “priceless” by their owner. For this reason many home insurance policy holders consider buying a small safe in which [...]

Home insurance: Making sure that you have the right locks

Many people don’t realise that most home insurance policies require them to have specific types of locks on the external doors to their home. Most home insurance policies require that the home should be secured with Mortice deadlocks. Mortice deadlocks can be identified by their single-bolt locking mechanism and are usually built into the door [...]

Home insurance: Precautions to take to avoid fire damage

One of the worst home insurance claims that a home insurance policy holder ever has to make is against fire damage. Fire damage can not only cause considerable damage to your home, but also put your family and loved ones at risk. We look at some simple precautions that you can take to reduce the [...]

Ski insurance: Top tips to prepare for the slopes this season

Thinking of hitting the slopes this year but unsure of what steps to take before heading off? We run through a short list of things to do to ensure that your ski holiday this season is a hit. First of all, you’ll need equipment. Whether you’re buying or renting, you should make sure that your [...]

Travel insurance: Steps to take in case you, a friend or family member suffers an injury abroad

We all look forward to getting away from it all; but sometimes we worry that an accident might occur while on holiday. The prospect of an accident occurring is daunting enough when we’re at home – but it becomes even more worrying when we’re in a foreign country. Your travel insurance policy covers most accidental [...]

Home insurance: How to insure your bicycle under your home insurance policy

Many home insurance customers aren’t sure if their bicycles are insured under their home insurance policy. We sort the facts from the fiction and show you how to make sure that your bicycles are fully covered on your home insurance policy. Most home insurance providers will, in fact, insure your bicycle as a contents item [...]

Travel insurance info: Theft abroad

We all worry about becoming the victim of theft while travelling abroad in an unknown country. We look at the best ways to avoid theft abroad and, in the event that you do become a victim of theft, what to do about it. First of all make sure that you have adequate travel insurance cover. [...]

Ski insurance info: Getting fit for the slopes

There’s nothing worse than hitting the slopes only to find that you get too tired to ski for any longer than a day or two. Many skiers, especially if it’s their first time, come to the resort completely unprepared. We list the top tips to get in shape for the slopes this season. The first [...]

Home insurance tips: Beat the big freeze – Part II – Insulation

Remember the severe weather conditions of winter 2010? Well, the big freeze is back. In this two part series we give you top tips that will help you beat the big freeze this winter season. The first thing to do is to make sure that your pipes are properly insulated. Insulating your pipes will help [...]

Home insurance tips: Beat the big freeze – Part I – Precautions

Remember the severe weather conditions of winter 2010? Well, the big freeze is back. In this two part series we give you top tips that will help you beat the big freeze this winter season. “Last year we had a huge increase in claims for damage to households due to extreme weather conditions,” says David [...]

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