What you should know about your Getcover Car Insurance Policy

The information below provides useful detail in relation to your policy. However, a complete list of covers and exclusions can be found on your policy document.

Your car insurance policy is underwritten by the underwriter best matched to you needs from our select set of underwriters. See your policy documentation for your actual underwriter's details.

Getcover & Company is an Irish owned and run Insurance broker based in Sandyford in Dublin and has been in business for over 10 years. The company is regulated by the Financial Regulator. Our phone number is 01 290 8833.

When taking out a property policy with Getcover.ie you should carefully read the eligibility conditions associated with the risk you are insuring. If the risk does not conform to the conditions, don’t worry, you can call us on 01 290 8833 and we should be able to organise an alternative quote for you.

The No Claim Discount is calculated on the scale that applies either at inception or renewal.

We accept the previous insurer’s proof of bonus, provided it shows the number of years claims free and the vehicle registration number.

A no claims discount earned on a policy which expired more than two years prior to quotation cannot be allowed.

We will accept an earned No Claims Bonus from Ireland or the UK.

If you wish to make a claim, you will find details of your Insurers Claims department on the documentation you received on taking out your policy. Alternatively, you can call us in Getcover during normal working hours on 01 290 8833.

The policy automatically provides full cover for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It also provides the minimum cover required by law in all EU Member States.

We can extend the policy to include full cover for EU Member States for an additional premium.

All requests for the Foreign Use Extension should be sent by email or fax 2 weeks prior to the date that you are scheduled to leave Ireland.

You will need to send to us the following list of documents before we can release your Cert and disc of insurance:

  • Copy of Proposal Form/Statement of Fact, fully completed and signed by the Insured (This will be sent to you once you purchase your policy).
  • The original No Claims Discount (confirming number of years)
  • Copies of both sides of all drivers driving licences.
  • Where appropriate
    • Claims Experience Letter from previous Insurer
    • Doctor’s or Specialist’s Letter confirming fitness to drive
  • Vehicle Registration documents (tax or log book)
  • Any other document not mentioned above that may be required

The policy may be cancelled at your request by giving us seven days notice in writing and subject to the following

Cancellation will take effect from the date the certificate/disc is received by us.

If either the certificate or disc has been lost or mislaid, a statutory declaration will be required before the policy can be cancelled.

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