You can be on cover as soon as you process your payment online. Alternatively, cover can be arranged from a date and time you choose in the future.

In most cases you will need to provide us with a signed proposal form (which will be emailed to you on the purchase of your policy), together with the original of your No Claims Bonus and copies of the licenses of all drivers.

Other supporting documentation may be required but this will be outlined clearly in the email sent to you on the purchase of your policy.

A No Claims Discount Bonus will have been provided to you by your existing insurer attached to your renewal notice. the document outlines your no claims discount entitlement. An original No Claims Bonus issued in the Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom must be supplied. A copy will not suffice.

When you buy your policy you will have 7 days to forward all supporting documentation to Getcover. On receipt of the documentation we will process your policy documentation within 2 working days and will forward your certificate and disc by post.

Your premium is calculated based on a number of criteria including among other issues the make; model and CC of your vehicle together with your age; driving history; occupation; location; car usage. Etc. If you have experienced claims or have penalty points it does not necessarily exclude you from getting a car insurance quote.

It is critical that you answer all questions truthfully and accurately. If you make a false declaration when buying your policy, or you neglect to disclose information which could have a material effect on your policy, you could invalidate your insurance and you could leave yourself liable to be prosecuted for a Criminal offence under the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Acts.

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