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Adults 18-65
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Private Healthcare

Getcover offers Aviva; VHI; and Laya policyholders a substantial discount where the healthcare policy includes in-patient medical cover abroad of €55,000 or more.

The discount is provided on the principle that there is no point in paying for the same cover twice.

If you avail of the discount, your Getcover policy provides cover as normal except for the portion already provided by your health insurance policy. Your Getcover medical insurance cover wraps around this cover and comes into effect when you have reached the in-hospital medical expenses limit on your private health insurance plan.

Healthcare policies which provide in-hospital medical cover abroad:

VHI: Plans A to E & Options/Excess; First Plan; First Plan Plus; Family Plan; Family Plan Plus; Forward Plan; Company Plan; Company Plan Plus.

Laya: Essential Plans; Health Manager; Health Manager Silver or Gold; Family care; Personal Care; Company Care; and Company Care Premium.

Aviva: "I" and “We” Plans levels 1 to 5; "Me" Plan Level 1 and 2; Level 1 and Level 2 Hospital & everyday.

Please note that the Private Health Care Policy must cover all of the insured persons proposed and must remain in force for the duration of your Travel Insurance policy period.

Multi trip travel insurance Ireland

Our Annual Multi-trip travel insurance policies are ideal if you plan to travel more than once throughout the year. Choose from 3 different cover levels, Budget, Standard or Premium policy and you will be covered for any number of trips that you take within a 12 month period. Individual trips can be up to either 31 or 90 days in duration, depending on the type of policy you choose.

We offer a wide range of additional cover options so that you can tailor your policy to suit your needs.

  • Cruise connection Cover is now available as an additional option on the Premium policy so if you miss your cruise departure you are covered.
  • Volcanic ash cover is now available as an additional option on the Premium policy. We will cover you if your holiday is cancelled due to volcanic ash or if you are delayed abroad due to your flight being cancelled.
  • Children named on a family policy can travel independently of the parents.
  • Your multi trip travel insurance policy covers you in the event that you miss a connecting flight due to the delay of a previous flight.
  • “Extended trip” option can be added to the policy which allows you to travel for up to 90 days on any one trip.
  • We give you significant discounts if you have a qualifying Private Health Insurance policy.
  • Special discounts apply to couple and family policies.
  • Your Medical Expenses cover includes search and rescue costs, as well as repatriation expenses.
  • You are covered by your multi trip travel insurance for all of our Category 1 Adventure Activities including for example; scuba-diving up to 30 metres and up to three bungee jumps.
  • Adventure Activities in categories 2 to 4 can be added to the annual policy on a yearly basis.
  • Flexible options allow you to add Golf cover, Winter sports cover, or Business Equipment cover.

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